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Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale
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You can help us spread the word about our upcoming Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale by telling your family, friends and neighbors about this profitable and worthwhile event. Remember, the more consignors we have, the more great bargains there are to find. The more bargains we have to offer, the more shoppers will attend. The more purchases shoppers make, the more our children learn. Spreading the word benefits everyone!

If you would like us to send an e-mail about our sale to your family and friends, simply fill out the form below; our e-mail message will include a link to our website.

As you know, word of mouth is the best kind of advertising, so we thank you for helping us ‘get the word out’. By taking this simple step, you are already making a difference in the lives of educators and the students they teach. We look forward to seeing YOU and YOUR FRIENDS at our sale!

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If you are interested in registering to consign for next year, please email for more information. Please feel free to Join our mailing list to receive sale updates.

Gwen and Teri