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At Teacher 2 Teacher, we have made it our mission to connect educators (classroom teachers, home school parents, Montessori teachers, tutors, daycare providers, etc.) interested in selling gently used educational materials with individuals who want to buy them…and at affordable prices. We understand how important it is that ALL teachers have the tools they need to teach so that ALL students can learn. That’s why we have made it our focus to help teachers SAVE, SHOP and SELL in a way that is safe and convenient.

Two Retired Teacher’s Stories

Gwen Vann

In 2011, I made a decision I knew would change my life forever: after teaching for 30 years, I decided to retire. Although it was not an easy choice to make, I knew the time had come to begin a new chapter in my life. One day, after turning in all the necessary paperwork, I looked around my classroom and was struck by the amount of personal teaching materials I had amassed. Like many retiring teachers, I decided I would have a ‘retired teacher’s garage sale’ to see if I could recoup at least some of the money I had invested.

Before I knew it, two years had passed. Finally, after receiving yet other notice about the annual community garage sale, I mustered up the energy and went to work preparing my materials for sale. It was important to me that I first share them with classroom teachers, so I opened my garage for a private ‘educators showing’ the day before the community sale was to begin. Never could I have imagined the number of teachers who arrived, or the enthusiasm they felt. How excited they were about being able to buy high quality educational materials at affordable prices (through the years, I had consulted for several educational publishing companies and the in-depth knowledge I had gained allowed me to select high quality classroom, instructional and supplemental teaching materials)! I had a great time helping the teachers make their selections, especially the first and second year teachers. Their squeals of delight truly touched my heart. It reminded me of how I felt--some 30 years before—when I purchased my first resource and classroom library books, math manipulatives, and so much more. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t only teachers who came to the sale, though. Home school parents, daycare providers, tutors, parents and students all came to purchase my treasured materials.

When it was over, I looked around my garage, and began to think about the retired teachers I knew who still had their educational materials in storage. Then I began to think about teachers who purchased several sets of varying grade level materials; home school parents who need to buy new materials each year; tutors who are constantly looking for--and buying--materials; and parents who go to retail teacher stores only to find the cost of the items beyond their household budget. It was at that moment that Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale was born.

As a former educator, I know how hard teachers work, and how much they give of their time, their talents, their finances, and, most importantly, of themselves. I hope that you will take some time to explore our website, and learn more about what Teacher 2 Teacher can give to you, and about how exciting, how fun--and how rewarding--working with Teacher 2 Teacher can be.

Gwen Vann

Teri Kimbell

During my thirty years as a primary educator and instructional coach, I was often challenged to find materials to add to my classroom, in order to supplement curriculum. I furnished my first apartment, through garage sales, so why not do the same for my classroom?

After I retired from classroom teaching, I discovered a children's consignment sale and thought it might be a good venue for selling my classroom materials. While at a sale, the owner told me about a retired teacher who volunteered at her sale. This teacher was researching the sale, while looking into beginning her own sale for teachers! I became obsessed; who was this woman and how could I find her? My teacher soulmate was somewhere in Denver!

Months later, I was watching the local news and they were interviewing a retired teacher who was conducting a teacher's consignment sale. I realized I had found her! Gwen and I connected via phone and spoke for over an hour.

I became involved with Gwen's sale as a consignor, and realizing we shared the same vision, offering teachers the opportunity to buy high quality educational materials at affordable prices, we decided to become partners in the Teacher 2 Teacher adventure.

Now, with that new venture, along with supervising student teachers for Colorado State University, I have embarked on a second chapter as an educator.

Teri Kimbell

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If you are interested in registering to consign for next year, please email info@t2tsale.com for more information. Please feel free to Join our mailing list to receive sale updates.

Gwen and Teri