Consignor Volunteer Job Description

Volunteers play a vital role at a Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale. The following descriptions outline the various jobs we will need help with before and during the sale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about volunteer positions and responsibilities.

Before the Sale
Set-up and drop-off

Set-up Volunteers
Set up sales venue, including sales floor, check-in stations, inspection stations, supply area, checkout area, etc.; set up all appropriate signage, inside and outside building

During and after the Sale
Presale and Public Event

Assist customers in the check-out process. Main duties include ringing up sales, bagging items, requesting price checks, collecting payment, giving appropriate change and charting tax exempt information. Responsibilities may include counting the contents of cash register drawer at the end of the day and helping maintain the sales floor.

If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at

Opening of our on-line store, T2T Direct, and
Facebook Live sale(s) will be coming soon!

If you are interested in registering to consign for next year, please email for more information. Please feel free to Join our mailing list to receive sale updates.

Gwen and Teri