Consignor FAQ
Q: What is the consignor's commission?

A: Our base consignor percentage is 60%. However by volunteering you can receive up to 90% depending on the number of hours you volunteer. For more information, please visit Consignor Incentives

Q: Do consignors get to shop early even if they don't volunteer?

A: Yes. All consignors will be able to shop the pre-sale.

Q: What does the $25 registration fee cover?

A: The consignor fee helps to pay a portion of the sale's overhead, including location rental, printing costs, advertising fees, postage and event insurance.

Q: How do I tag my items?

A: Our T2T EXPRESS tagging system allows you to automatically format and generate barcodes online for all your sale items. Each barcode is encrypted with your seller #, item price and discount information. Barcodes are placed directly on the items sold and scanned at the time of purchase. For more information visit TAGGING.

Q: How do I order barcodes?

A: Ordering barcodes is very simple.

  1. Log in to your consignor homepage.
  2. Click “Order Barcode Labels.”
  3. Indicate price, # of labels & discount information
  4. Click “Submit Barcode"

After you submit your barcode order your barcodes will be available to be viewed/printed. For more information, visit Tagging.

Q: How do I print my own barcodes?

A: When you register to be a consignor, our site will walk you through the steps. It is very consignor friendly!

  1. Log in to your consignor homepage.
  2. Click “Order Barcode Labels.”
  3. Indicate price, # of labels & discount information
  4. Click “Submit Barcode"
  5. Click “Submit Order”

*Please wait for all tags to appear on your screen before you print them. For more information, visit Tagging.

Q: Is there a specific drop-off time?

A: Yes. Each consignor must sign up for a drop-off appointment. Your drop-off appointment time is approximately 45 minutes, unless you are a high volume consignor (300+ items). Visit Drop-Off, Pick-Up to schedule an appointment.

Q: Do I have to place my items on the sale floor?

A: Yes. Once your items have been inspected and approved by a Teacher 2 Teacher volunteer, you will place your items on the sale floor.

Q: When is pick-up?

A: Pick up is Sunday, July 14th following the MANDATORY sort which begins at 3:00pm. All Consignors are required to attend the sort. The sort and pickup should take approximately 3 - 5 hours.

Q: What is a Group Sort?

A: Consigners work collaboratively to sort the remaining unsold items by consignor number or donation.

Q: What happens with my items if I do not pick up my unsold items by the designated time?

A: All unclaimed items remaining after the designated time will become the property of Teacher 2 Teacher. You will be assessed a $50 removal fee. The fee will be deducted from your consignor earnings.

Q: What happens to donated items?

A: Unsold items marked for donations by Consignors will be donated to first year teachers at our post-sale giveaway.

Q: When will I receive the compensation from the sale?

A: Your check will be mailed within two weeks of the sale.

If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at