Barcode FAQ
Q: How are barcodes generated?

A: Consignors use our online system to automatically format and generate barcodes.

Q: How do I print the barcodes?

A: Consignors print their barcodes using labels that are compatible with "Avery 5160 or 8160" labels.

Q: Do I need to enter all my barcodes at one time?

A: No. You can print them immediately after you submit the barcode order, or you can login to your Consignor Home Page later and select and print an order. Each time you submit a barcode order, it creates a Batch # for that price.

Q: Can I reprint a "Batch"# ?

A: Yes. Go to the "Home Page" to view and print any of your barcode orders.

Q: What if I need additional barcodes at a different price?

A: Simply log in and order again. Please make note of the new batch# before you print.

Q: What if I change my mind about a price or discount option?

A: You will need to print a new barcode. DO NOT cross out the barcode's price or discount information. It will not scan.

Q: What if I order too many barcodes?

A: Keep them!!! Save any unused barcodes for future Teacher 2 Teacher Consignment sales. The barcodes do not expire! Reminder: Minimum price is $.50

Q: Can I use my barcodes from a previous sale?

A: Yes!

Q: What if the labels do not line up when I print the barcodes?

A: When you click print a box will appear, make sure "page scaling" is set to "None". This should correct the problem. Visit Barcode Printing Tips for additional barcode printing information.

Q: What should I do if my barcode won’t adhere to my item or I have an item packaged in more than one box?

A: Handwritten tags with the barcode attached to the tag are recommended for large items, irregular shaped items, items packaged in more than one box, dress up clothes, etc.

Q: How can I sell an item for ½ price the last day of the sale?

A: When ordering your barcodes online click "YES" under "Allow Discount". If you do not want to sell your items ½ price, click "NO" under "Allow Discount". Your barcode will have “No Disc” printed next to the price.

*Visit Tagging for additional barcode printing information.

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