Consignor ABC’s
Why should I consign with Teacher 2 Teacher?
A. Consigning with Teacher 2 Teacher gives you the opportunity to sell your gently used educational materials and receive up to 70% of the sale price. Our events are attended by hundreds of shoppers, providing you with a large targeted audience of potential buyers.
B. A Teacher 2 Teacher Educators Consignment Sale is the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra money without the stress and responsibility of hosting a garage sale, or selling online. When you consign with Teacher 2 Teacher:
  • We advertise for you (you don’t have to pay for advertising).
  • We sell your items for you (saving you time).
  • Shoppers buy at our safe, secure, sale location (you don’t have to list and ship online).
  • Shoppers come to us (you won’t have strangers coming to your door).
  • We handle all payment transactions (we accept cash, credit and debit cards).
C. As a Teacher 2 Teacher consignor, you simply price and tag your items--using our online system--and bring them to us. We do all the rest!
Teacher 2 Teacher Consignors
  • Earn 60-70% on all items sold
  • Set their own prices
  • Paid within 2 weeks
  • Shop early at our exclusive Consignor Presale
Consigning with Teacher 2 Teacher is EASY!
1. REGISTER online
To consign with us you need to register online, pay a non-fundable $10 consignor registration fee, sign our consignor agreement and receive a consignor number. Your consignor number gives you access to everything you will need to successfully consign with us.
2. PREPARE your items for the sale
We are committed to making all transactions between consignors and shoppers smooth, professional and trouble-free. We have set buyer expectations, and inspect every item before it is placed on the sales floor. It is important to remember that, as a consignor, your items must meet certain criteria to be accepted.
3. PRICE and TAG your items
As a consignor, you determine the selling price for your items. To help you with this, we provide you with a complete set of pricing guidelines. Using our convenient online tagging system, you print and adhere a barcode to each item you wish to sell. These barcodes allow us to track your earnings.
4. DROP OFF your items
You will need to drop off tagged and pre-sorted consignor items at our sale location before the sale.
5. PICK UP or DONATE Unsold items
You have the choice of retrieving unsold sale items the last day of the sale, or donating any or all of them. All unclaimed items are donated to local charities.
Consignor checks are mailed within two weeks after the sale ends.
Consignor Registration Opens in 5 March, 2018.
If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us at